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General and Driver's Ed related Questions

Q. I moved from another state. Do I have to take both knowledge and Drive test to get my license ?

A. Yes, If you moved in WA state with expired license from your home state you have to take both knowledge and drive test.

Q. I am on a Tourist visa. Can I get a WA license ?

A. Yes you can, for further information please contact DOL (Department of licensing)

Q. I am new to Washington State, what I have to do to get my license ?

A. You have to pre-apply online (DOL website) first to get your confirmation number. which will be your license number. It will be your first 5 letters of your last name first letter of your first name, first letter of your middle initial and then some numbers.

Q. I had a WA state license before. Now I am moving back to Washington State again. Do I have to pre-apply ?

A. No.

Q. My Washington State license was revoked and now it is expired, do I have to pre-apply again to get new a number?

A. No

Q. Is Pick number, Confirmation number, Ticket number, ID card number, Permit number, Learner's permit or Driver license numbers are same ?

A. yes.

Q. Is Skill test, Road test, Drive test are same ?

A. Yes.

Q. Is Knowledge test and Written test are same ?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I take my drive test first and then take my written test ?

A. No, you have to take your knowledge test first and then if you pass we'll take you out for your drive test.

Q. Is knowledge test in Computer ?

A. No, paper and pencil.

Q. Is there any clock set up for written test ?

A. No, at Bal Driving school you can take your time as much as you want.

Q. Do I have to make appointment for testing ?

A. No, Walkins welcome, we also do appointments.

Q. If I fail the test, do I have to wait ?

A. No, You can be tested rightaway, but fee applies.

Q. For Drive test, can I use school vehicle ?

A. Yes, with little extra charge.

Q. My vehicle is not insured, can I bring it for drive test ?

A. No, must be insured.

Q. I just pass the knowledge test, Can I get some driving lessons ?

A. No, you must have a valid Instruction permit.

Q. How long the test scores are valid for ?

A. 1 year

Q. My son is not 15 years old yet, can he sign up for Driver's Ed ?

A. No, he must be 15 years old on the day of registration.

Q. How many Classroom sessions can my son miss ?

A. not more then 3, but he has to make up those missed classroom sessions

Q. Will I be charged if I miss any classroom session ?

A. No.

Q. Will I be charged if I missed any schedule drive ?

A. Yes, Please refer to Student Parent hand book.

Q. After finishing all classroom and behind the wheel drive sessions can I get my license rightaway ?

A. Please refer to Student Parent hand book.

For any other Question Please call our main School office at (360) 785-6383 or call Bal at (360) 393-8769.