Adult lessons


  • 1hr:  $80.00
  • 5 hrs: $395.00​ 
  • 10 hrs: $795.00 (Save $30, includes free written test)
  • 12 hrs: $955.00 (Save $65, includes free written test and free skills test in customer car)
  • 15 hrs: $1195.00 (Save $105, includes free written test and free skills test in school car)
  • 20 hrs: $1595.00 (Save $210, includes 2 free written tests and free skills test in school car)

Program Overview

  • At our driving school, we are committed to providing a supportive and personalized learning experience for adult drivers. Join our defensive driving classes to enhance your skills, correct bad habits, and gain the confidence needed to become a safe and responsible driver. Our tailored advanced driver improvement courses meet court requirements. We provide a school letter, certificate, and clock hours sheet upon completion.

  • Suitable for non-moving violations, tickets, reckless driving, aggression, and DUI.

  • A valid permit/license is needed.

  • Lessons use our vehicles for consistency.


  • Benefits of Adult Driving Classes:
    1. Quality Education for License Beginners: Our adult driving classes are designed to provide high-quality education for adults who have never had their license. We offer comprehensive lessons beyond what can be learned from a book, preparing you with essential skills for the road.
    2. Real Driving Experiences: Our driving lessons offer real-life driving experiences that cannot be replicated in a book. By practicing behind the wheel, you gain valuable hands-on experience and learn to navigate various obstacles. This prepares you effectively for your driving test, especially if you are a first-time driver.
    3. Correcting Bad Habits: As an experienced driver, you may have developed certain bad habits behind the wheel. These habits can be challenging to break without realizing they are unsafe. Our professional driving instructors can help identify and address these dangerous practices, guiding on improving and developing safer driving habits.
    4. Learn at Your Own Pace: We understand that everyone learns at their own pace. With our adult driving lessons, you can progress according to your learning speed. You can plan your lessons to fit your schedule, ensuring convenience and allowing you to allocate dedicated time for learning to drive.
  • Pick up and drop off.
    • For an additional fee, we provide convenient pick-up and drop-off services within a 5-mile radius of our schools.

  • Defensive Driving Course Outline
    • Lesson 1: Rules of the Road and Vehicle Familiarization In this lesson, we will cover the essential rules and regulations of the road. You will become acquainted with your vehicle, including hand signals, identifying blind spots, and understanding the concepts of Path of Travel (POT) and Line of Sight (LOS).
    • Lesson 2: Legal and Safety Stops, Approach to the Curb, and Re-entering Traffic We will focus on legal and safety stops, teaching you the correct techniques for approaching curbs and re-entering traffic. Additionally, we will cover left and right turns, proper lane positioning, and effective speed control.
    • Lesson 3: Backing Maneuver, On-Street Turns, and 4-Way Stops This lesson will concentrate on mastering the backing maneuver, executing on-street turns, and navigating through 4-way stops and staggered stops safely and confidently.
    • Lesson 4: Uphill and Downhill Parking, On-Street Turns You will learn the proper techniques for parking on uphill and downhill slopes. Additionally, we will practice on-street turns, refining your skills in navigating different road scenarios.
    • Lesson 5: Roundabouts, Parallel Parking Maneuver, Commentary Driving, and Defensive Searching This lesson covers the intricacies of roundabouts, mastering the parallel parking maneuver, honing your skills in commentary driving, and developing an awareness of potential hazards by implementing defensive searching techniques.
    • Lesson 6: Freeway Driving, Judging Distances, and Lane Changes, Inattentional Blindness We will explore freeway driving, focusing on judging distances, executing lane changes, and addressing the phenomenon of inattentional blindness, which can significantly impact driving safety.
    • Lesson 7: Hill Driving, Sharp Turns, Judging Distances and Lane Changes, Time and Space Management This lesson emphasizes hill driving techniques, navigating sharp turns, improving your ability to judge distances and execute lane changes, and developing adequate time and space management skills.
    • Lesson 8: Navigating Downtown One-Way Streets, Right and Left Turns at Traffic Lights You will learn strategies for safely navigating downtown one-way streets, mastering right and left turns at traffic lights, and understanding the intricacies of traffic flow in urban settings.
    • Lesson 9: Parallel Parking, On-Street Turns We will dedicate this lesson to refining your parallel parking skills and perfecting on-street turns, ensuring you can confidently navigate tight spaces and make precise turns.
    • Lesson 10: Freeway Driving, Judging Distances, Lane Changes, Passing, and Being Passed Building upon your freeway driving skills, this lesson will focus on judging distances, executing safe lane changes, passing other vehicles, and responding appropriately when being passed by other drivers.
    • Lesson 11: Traffic Circle, Backing Maneuver, On-Street Turns, 4-Way Stops, Staggered Stop In this lesson, we will cover navigating traffic circles, practicing the backing maneuver, perfecting on-street turns, and reinforcing your understanding of 4-way stops and staggered stops.
    • Lesson 12: Uphill and Downhill Parking, On-Street Turns, Lane Changes Continuing from earlier studies, you will enhance your uphill and downhill parking abilities, fine-tune on-street turns, and master safe lane changes.
    • Lesson 13: Roundabouts, Approaching the Curb, Re-entering Traffic, Left and Right Turns, Lane Positioning, Speed Control We will revisit roundabouts, reinforcing your understanding of approaching the curb, re-entering traffic, executing left and right turns, maintaining proper lane positioning, and controlling your speed effectively.
    • Lesson 14: Parking Lot Angle and Perpendicular Parking, On-Street Turns This lesson focuses on parking lot techniques, including angle and perpendicular parking. We will also practice on-street turns to refine your overall driving proficiency.
    • Lesson 15: Student Assessment Report To conclude the course, we will provide a comprehensive student assessment report that evaluates your progress, strengths, and areas for improvement. This assessment will serve as a valuable tool in measuring your driving skills and readiness for the road.
    • Lesson 16: TBD
    • Lesson 17: TBD
    • Lesson 18: TBD
    • Lesson 19: TBD
    • Lesson 20: TBD


Mount Vernon:
1310 E College Way, Mt Vernon, WA 98273 (Next to Papa Murphy's)

1800 James St #101, Bellingham, WA 98225 (Behind the Ford Dealership)
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Operating Hours
Mt Vernon:

Walk-in testing, No appointment necessary

Monday-Friday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Saturday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

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Walk-in testing, No appointment necessary except for Drive test

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Tuesday-Friday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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